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SportZoo is a Slovak, internationally operating manufacturer of popular sports trading cards.


Before the establishment of SportZoo, sports collecting in Slovakia was in decline, although the concept of sports cards worked successfully abroad. As active collectors of Czech and world cards, we saw no reason why something similar could not work here...



2016 - Breakthrough year for Slovak collectors


The year 2016 was the year of the trading card revolution in Slovakia. We were not afraid to approach the then president of the Slovak hockey league, Richard Lintner, and subsequently the first collection of SportZoo cards was created.


We have been waiting for the cards of the Slovak hockey competition for over 20 years. The 2016/17 Tipsport league hockey cards just got dusty. Thanks to the shown favor and interest of collectors, we did not remain with only one collection and we are still dedicated to the collections of the highest Slovak hockey competition.

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2017 - Soccer cards were added to hockey


A year after the release of the hockey collection, we concluded cooperation with the football association, which resulted in a new regular collection called Futbalové Slovensko, which was later replaced by the Slovak Falcons collection.



2018 - First card with a piece of jersey


Our domain is constantly pushing the boundaries in the quality and visuals of the cards produced. In 2018, we recorded a major milestone. For the first time in history, we brought to Slovakia cards with a piece of the playing jersey (so-called jersey cards) from our production, which were published in the 2018/19 Tipsport League collection.


Currently, we create cards with various pieces of game materials in the form of jerseys, hockey sticks, sticks, football boots, gloves, or skates, including the so-called booklet of cards that can be arrogantly described as mini-book.

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2019 - Collector's premiere of Oktagon MMA cards


After three years of regular production of trading cards, we have successfully established ourselves as a reliable producer of trading cards and established cooperation with the prestigious organization Oktagon MMA.



2020 - Entering the Czech market with the Czech football league collection


A year later, after 20 years, we decided to bring back to Czech collectors the joy of football cards from the domestic league scene. Another stable and popular among fans collection of the elite Czech football league was thus created.



2021 - Expansion of the portfolio to include Czech hockey


In the 2021/22 season, for the first time, in cooperation with BPA, we also started issuing cards of the highest Czech hockey league. We try to bring a lot of collectible novelties to the market every year.

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2022 - The first filling and packaging automatic machine


With the launch of our first automatic card filling and packaging machine, we have reached an important milestone in the progress of the entire company. The machine, which we designed ourselves, was used for the first time to wrap the 1st series of Czech football league cards for 2021/22 season.


In addition, in 2022 we released our first collection of official cards of the Slovak hockey team, which was a huge success among collectors and sold out hopelessly within a few days.



2023 - Expansion to Poland


In addition to the regular creation of collections for the Slovak and Czech markets in the form of trading cards of domestic hockey and football competitions, the Slovak hockey team, and the wrestling organization Oktagon MMA, we are now also addressing the collecting community in Poland.


In the 2023/24 season, we released two collections of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa football cards made by SportZoo.

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